Never Wear Boring Socks Podcast

Anna and Maria, two sock-loving cousins making their ways through the peculiar soup that is young adulthood, talk about their creative endeavors, growing up, living intentionally, and the inevitable mishaps along the way. As Anna enters college and Maria enters the “real” world, both grapple with how best to lead fulfilling lives amidst change. They discuss all sorts of joys and challenges pertaining to these turbulent periods of life, from art to confidence to mindset to zucchini. The cousins believe in finding joy in everyday moments, and live according to the idea that if you’re going to wear socks anyway, you might as well make the most of the experience and wear interesting ones. Also, they like to open their minds to new ideas and perspectives, so every fifth episode they invite a special guest to join the discussion. Tune in for a weekly dose of amusement, inspiration, honesty, self-reflection, goofiness, and, of course, sock talk!


Anna Barnard

Anna Barnard is a recent high school graduate about to embark on a collegiate adventure, and is intent on living a creative life even against an academic backdrop. She is a writer, a runner, a vegetarian, a nerdfighter, and a musician. In addition, she loves literature, theatre, ginger tea, Minnesota autumns, yarn crafts, and many other splendid things.


Maria Ramsey

Maria Ramsey is a semi-recent college graduate currently in the process of learning how to be a person in the “real world,” and she endeavors to go about it in the most creative way possible. She is an artist, a poet, a musician, a blogger, a teacher, a vegetable lover, and a holistic health and wellness enthusiast, among other things.

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