What is Never Wear Boring Socks?

Have you ever tried to pursue a creative life, but have sacrificed self-care and wellness in the process? Or, perhaps you’re trying to pursue wellness, but are frustrated by rigid definitions and standards of health that seem to stifle creativity? Long-distance, sock-obsessed cousins Anna Barnard and Maria Ramsey have come to the conclusion that we don’t need to choose between our art and our wellbeing. In fact, they’ve got lots of thoughts to share about the intersection between the two. Tune in weekly for discussions about art, writing, music, creative careers, using creativity as a force for good, alternative wellness practices, body image, periods, mental health, personal growth, spirituality, and, of course, socks.

The Never Wear Boring Socks crew, back before podcasts were a thing

The Never Wear Boring Socks crew, back before podcasts were a thing

How Never Wear Boring Socks came to be

Many years ago, a very exciting thing happened for 6-year-old Maria: the birth of two new baby cousins, Anna and Martha. This meant she now had three young people to dote upon (her brother Ben being the first). These cousins were inspiration for some of Maria’s earliest creative works, including several illustrated books. As the twins got older, the four cousins collaborated on various artistic projects, including outlandish theatrical productions, strange stories, a superhero movie and a password-protected blog (complete with code names). As the cousins entered adulthood, Anna and Maria continued to feel the pull to work together on a creative project. . . and Never Wear Boring Socks was born! (Ben and Martha were less interested in continuing with these weird ventures, although they did end up helping with the music, and Ben very generously agreed to be the podcast’s audio editor.) In addition to being an excuse for two sort-of-grownup long-distance cousins to catch up weekly, Never Wear Boring Socks is a place where Anna and Maria get to share their passions for creativity, holistic wellness, and wacky socks with the world.


About Anna and Maria


Anna Barnard identifies as a writer, musician, crafter, and feminist and is currently fulfilling the role of college student. An English and religion major, she pursues her passion for fiction writing as much as she can while also exploring how we make meaning out of our spiritual lives. Anna believes that creativity is not just a trait we possess, but a lifestyle we cultivate, and is working on developing her own creative life. In spare moments, she enjoys picking up new knowledge about holistic wellness from her mother, an integrative medicine physician. Never Wear Boring Socks helps Anna take her creative life more seriously, and she loves the weekly excuse to show off her flashy socks.


Maria Ramsey is an artist, poet, musician, teacher, and plant lover who firmly believes that magic is real and everything is connected. She’s interested in exploring all avenues of creativity to express beauty and create connections, and in finding creative solutions that focus not only on the problem, but on the system as a whole. Never Wear Boring Socks is helping Maria share her lifelong enthusiasm for fun socks, as well as fulfill the recommendation of a career aptitude test she took in college that told her she should be a radio or TV talk show host.

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