November News

I hope November is off to a good start for you, my friend. I fully expect this to be an exceptional month, mostly because I remembered to say "rabbit rabbit" on Thursday morning before I said anything else. This is pretty exciting because I rarely remember--how often do you wake up with enough of a brain to know the date?! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Google it--I was introduced to this peculiar concept by my cousins years ago, and only recently learned it was actually a thing that other people do as well.)

Another reason this is an exciting month on my end: I finally, after many months of slow progress/busy-ness/procrastination, put some prints up on Etsy! So far I have four 5x7" prints of my recent "Intelligent Landscapes" series available there, and am planning to have my bigger prints of other drawings up soon. (as usual, other drawings are available as prints upon request) If you feel so inclined to gift any artwork this holiday season, I've got you covered ;) Plus, shipping is on me for orders over $10 through December 10th. Also on that holiday note: there are some Christmas/winter/holiday cards in my shop in case you're planning to send any snail mail over the holidays! Also, my pig-themed 2019 calendar is now available!

Well, friends, that is all my news for today. I hope you have a beautiful, magical, month. How did you enjoy your extra daylight savings hour?

Love, Maria