I'm drawing for 100 days.

Hi friends!

Happy April!

For me, the theme of this month seems to be commitment. Mostly, this has come up because I've been frustrated recently that I haven't been taking my art as seriously as I'd like. In an attempt to remedy this, I decided to participate in #the100dayproject, meaning I've committed to working on an illustration every day for 100 days. It's only been 6 days so far, and already I am thinking two thoughts: 1. I am already way too busy, why did I add this?! and 2. I love drawing and I've always known I love drawing--why wouldn't I make time for this every day?!

Of course, I've really only committed to myself. If I stop this project in the middle, will this have any sort of negative impact on anyone else? Nope. Commitments to ourselves can be a lot harder to keep, but I think they're just as important. This project is important to me because not only am I building a portfolio and illustration skills, I am building trust in myself. Trust that I can and will make time for the things I care about, which is one of the best ways I can practice self love and self respect. (p.s. this week's podcast episode is all about this subject, so stay tuned for that! And last week we talked about creative inspiration, another related topic!) 

So that's what's up for me this month. If you want to follow along with the next 94 days of illustrations, you can find me on Instagram. I hope the rest of your April is full of whatever it is that makes your heart sing--whether that's drawing, writing, cooking for your family, or wandering in the woods searching for toadstools... 

creatively & commitedly,