Dear Lovely Readers,

Remember that post I wrote a while ago on finding community? Well, I'm apparently not the only one who's found it challenging to build a fulfilling social life as an adult.

I shared my post on Facebook, and got so many comments from people who were feeling the same way that I decided to start a regular social gathering at a local cafe. We started calling it Look Perk, inspired by Central Perk from the TV show Friends, which was part of the inspiration for the original post (and which I am currently re-watching, by the way).

The result? A low-key, little-planning-needed group of nice people who hang out pretty regularly. In other words, pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

And now for the weird part: not only did I create a regular social group, I seem to have called in a (gender-swapped) copy of the Friends group itself. 

The individuals who show up on any given night vary based on who's available, but when we hung out this past weekend, there were 6 of us. An older sibling (me), a younger sibling, and the older sibling's significant other, who all went to high school together. Plus, the older sibling's college roommate, the college roommate's current roommate, and a friend they made in the city where they now live. Now, if we match ourselves with our counterparts personality-wise, it doesn't work so well (according to BuzzFeed, which is of course the #1 source for definitive information, I am a Monica, not a Ross). But relationship-wise (at least based on season 3, which is what I'm watching right now), the parallels are almost spooky. 

What I'm taking away from is this: ask for what you want. Put it out there. Because you just might get it...even if it looks different from what you imagined. 

Your Friend,