Some new year updates

Hi friends! 

Long time, no blog post! Or newsletter. If you’re on my email list, you may have noticed that I accidentally skipped a month, which turned into two, which turned into three...and a half…whoops. Anyway, I hope you've had a marvelous winter so far.

It's been a full couple of months on my end: I'm still making art, though my focus has shifted a little more towards writing, since a big project I'm working on is an illustrated book of poetry for children. And that means I need to write the poetry ;) 

I'll be selling my work at Artspace's Pottery Seconds & More Sale in Greenfield, MA on March 1st and 2nd--I'd love to see you there if you're local! I've also been helping organize the event and I can say that there are quite a few very talented vendors who will be selling their wares...I may be doing some shopping there as well :) 

As usual, you can also find prints and cards in my Etsy shop, and my 2019 calendar is now on sale! It's pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. 

In podcast land, Anna and I are gearing up for Part 2 of Never Wear Boring Socks, Season 2! (we were on hiatus for a bit while Anna was off adventuring.) Stay tuned for new episodes and a new website very soon! In the meantime, we started a listener Facebook group--please join if you feel so inclined! 

I wish you a magical and whimsical rest of your February. How is your New Year so far? What are your hopes and dreams for the coming months? Email me and let me know! I love hearing what people are excited and passionate about :)