November Salad Toppings

Hello friends,
Happy November! Time to share some things I’ve been enjoying lately:

Japanese sweet potatoes
Particularly when they’re roasted in coconut oil.

Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge
I love these! I get pretty excited every time they happen (about twice a year, I think). The first one I did was probably about four years now, and I’ve done every one of them since. Each day Oprah and Deepak start you off with some words of wisdom and inspiration, and then Deepak sends you off with a mantra and some nice new age-y music that is rather calming and also helps to remind you when you start thinking about breakfast and emails and elephants or whatever that your intention is to be meditating. Also, it’s free! This one started last week but you can always join late. Meditate with me??

Dar Williams
She’s so cool. I went to see her in concert a few weeks ago and it was really great–great music and great stage presence. She’s funny. Also, as I told my mom afterwards, it kind of seemed like a concert for old people–not too loud, not too long, and not too late at night. TOTALLY my cup of tea. If you want to know who and what I’m talking about, I really like this song and also this one.

Liberal Arts
A movie recommended by Katie Dalebout that I quite enjoyed. Katie also interviewed writer/director/star Josh Radnor on her podcast recently and it was a really fascinating conversation! Also during the interview, he recommended the album that led me to rediscover the following…

Fratres by Arvo Pärt
WHOA. That is all I have to say about this one right now.

I hope you’re having a beautiful day full of fall colors and cozy socks and pumpkin spice (if you’re into that…if not that’s cool too). What’s on your salad at the moment?


p.s. I’m not an affiliate for any of these things, I just like them!