011: Variety is the Spice of Life!

This week, Maria and Anna switch things up a bit (because, after all, variety is the spice of life). To remind themselves (and listeners) of the inner childlike wonder and creativity that is always somewhere inside them, they transform the Never Wear Boring Socks podcast to the Never Wear Boring Socks theatre company, and read from a play they wrote, directed, and acted in along with their siblings when they were younger. Following this reading, our hosts put each other on the spot and ask one another some thought-provoking questions. Finally, they finish up the episode with their recent favorites in regards to food, fall, film, and more. Maria and Anna needed a break this week from the craziness of life, and we hope you enjoy listening to this fun, relaxed, and somewhat silly episode as much as we did recording it.

p.s. keep an eye on our social media for exclusive photographs of the Oogie Boogie premiere! aka Anna and Maria approximately 11 years ago, in truly fabulous outfits