014: Creative & Productive Spaces

This week, Maria and Anna talk about the way we interact with our spaces. Based on their own experience, they focus on how physical space can affect creativity and productivity, as well as some of the space-related challenges common to young adults (like living in a dorm room or other shared or small space). They discuss a variety of topics that can affect how we perceive a space, including color, layout, size, lighting, decor, clutter, and feng shui. They also talk about some of the helpful changes they’ve made to their own spaces, and how they’ve tackled the challenge of living in a room that serves many purposes. Our hosts also wonder how their artistic inclinations may affect their experience of the spaces around them, and how perceptions of space vary according to individual differences.

Mentioned in this episode:
The feng shui command position (here's an article about it)

This week's quote: 
“Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” -Art Linkletter

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