022: Sharing Creative Work

Anna and Maria return to the topic of creativity this week, specifically addressing the process of sharing creative work. They tackle the various fears that might preclude us from sharing work, discuss the benefits of sharing our products with others, and some things to keep in mind along the way. Ultimately, they decide that although sharing work is scary, it helps us become better and more confident artists. And it makes us want to share more!

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This week's quote:
“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person. You and I and everyone you know are descended from tens of thousands of years of makers. Decorators, tinkerers, storytellers, dancers, explorers, fiddlers, drummers, builders, growers, problem-solvers, and embellishers--these are our common ancestors.The guardians of high culture will try to convince you that the arts belong only to a chosen few, but they are wrong and they are also annoying. We are all the chosen few. We are all makers by design. Even if you grew up watching cartoons in a sugar stupor from dawn to dusk, creativity still lurks within you. Your creativity is way older than you are, way older than any of us. Your very body and your very being are perfectly designed to live in collaboration with inspiration, and inspiration is still trying to find you--the same way it hunted down your ancestors.” - Elizabeth Gilbert, from Big Magic

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