037: What's Good for Me? Creativity!

A fitting follow-up to last week’s episode, Anna and Maria dive deeper into the intersection between creativity and wellness. This time they focus on how we can view wellness with a creative and intuitive lens, rather than a rigid and dogmatic one. Our hosts discuss some of their favorite outside-the-box “wellness” practices, how to get more creative with the inside-the-box ones, and talk about what specific actions they’ll be taking to infuse their wellness routines with a bit of fresh creative energy. Plus, some discussion of delicious Ayurvedic dishes, wisdom from Amy Poehler, and another listener challenge!

Mentioned in this episode: 
Anna's immunity essential oil blend
Our episode on integrative medicine with Nancy Van Sloun
Maria's favorite Ayurvedic cookbook/kitchari recipe
An online kitchari recipe

This week's quote:
"Good for her, not for me." - Amy Poehler

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