050: Holistic health, periods, self compassion & creativity with Nina Boyce

This week, Anna and Maria talk to holistic health coach and podcaster Nina Boyce, to discuss some of our favorite things here at Never Wear Boring Socks: periods, creativity, self compassion, and, of course, socks (get ready for some wild sock situations in this one!) Nina shares her perspective on why it’s helpful to understand the different phases of our menstrual cycle, and some ways we can give ourselves compassion and care even during the parts of our cycle that we may not be so fond of. She also shares her knowledge about the mind-body connection, and particularly the relationship between our gut health and our mental health. Ultimately, Nina points out that the most important thing we can do for our health is to listen to our bodies. Nina also shares her thoughts on how creativity is related to our wellness and our menstrual cycles, how feminine energy and the moon plays into all of this, and why expressing our creativity and our unique gifts is so important.  

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