020: Katie Dalebout on indecisiveness, long-distance friendships, social media, and living in New York

Anna and Maria are joined this week by a very special guest, Katie Dalebout! Katie is the host of the podcast Let It Out and author of the book Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling. She’s also a speaker, mentor, eating disorder recovery advocate, and an enthusiast of many things. Her work has been featured in places like Refinery29, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Teen Vogue, Women’s Health, The Telegraph, and many more. Since Katie’s an advocate for journaling and creativity, of course we had to invite her to join us on Never Wear Boring Socks! Our hosts chatted with Katie about living in New York City as a midwesterner (Katie recently moved to NYC from Michigan), indecisiveness, maintaining long-distance friendships and letting friendships go, and the different ways (some positive and some negative) in which we interact with social media. Listen to the end to hear a few of Katie’s current favorite things, and a fun Katie-inspired call to action for our listeners!

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